Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Mongolie, Route de l'Horizon" (Editions de la Martinière) coming out September 16th in France.

There, for a bit of emotion... Our book on Mongolia (photo: Matthieu Paley, texte: Mareile Paley), will come out September 16th in Paris, at the Editions de la Martinière. It's titled "Mongolie, La route de l'Horizon" (could translate as "Mongolia, Open Horizon") - a recap of our wanderings in Mongol-land since 1998. Below is the cover/back-cover and some pictures (the book is 188 pages).
Watch this space for more upcoming infos on the book, text extracts etc...

Séquence émotion: notre livre sur la Mongolie (Photo: Matthieu Paley, Texte: Mareile Paley), sortira à Paris le 16 Septembre, aux Editions de la Martinière. Intitulé "Mongolie, La Route de l'horizon", c'est une rétrospective de nos errances Mongoles, débutées en 1998. Ci-dessous la couverture devant/derrière et quelques images (le livre fait 188 pages).
Suivre ce blog pour plus d'infos à venir, d'extraits de texte etc...


Oh yes, and following mild complains of some of my very uber-French countrymen (I still love them very much), I will try to always give bilingual versions of my upcoming blogs. Voila, c'est dit!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dunhill features me on Day8

Just fresh back from a 2 weeks assignment in Nepal, more about this later.
Here is something about me on the Dunhill website.