Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crazy summer of road tripping!

Yes, it has been 4 months since I didn't sit down on my blog! Shame, shame, shame!!

Here is a quick recap on an intense summer: early June our second son Timoté was born at the minute the sun rose over Istanbul, our new home. It's apparently called an heliacal birth.
A couple of weeks of family bonding and I was off on a long awaited 4 weeks trip across the US, east to West - "The road to Kerouac; Portaits of a Nomadic America" (published by La Martinière ). The book (208 pages) landed on my editor's lap a few days ago, and should be available in stores soon in France. Here are some snap shots of the book - I will do a proper Blog entry when it is officially available:

An article on this very topic will come out in Géo (French edition) in December 2011.

After this cross-country non-stop adventure, I spent a few days in Washington (meeting with National Geographic magazine), and then 5 days in New York. That didn't help slow down anything, but it was great to see old friends and to just re-immersed myself in this brilliant city. I lived there almost 4 years in the late 90's. 10 years I hadn't been there. The smells, feels and looks haven't changed much expect for this Williamsburg hipster frame-less glasses phenomenon...

I flew back to Europe to re-unite to family and hit the ground driving from Rouen, France, in Normandy, to Berlin - I was close to 9000 Km already from mid-June, my bum was sore. Berlin was really a great feel. About 10 different languages heard in the street every 5 minutes, and just a general good humored feel. To me, the most cosmopolitan city of Europe. Maybe one day I live there.

From Berlin, I drove to Munich in time to catch a plane to Tajikistan - via Istanbul ironically - back to the Tajik Pamir for a story on "seed hunting". Have a look at this guy. We drove much again, I became experimental with my shooting from the window, mainly to kill time.

Back in Munich - I drove to South of France to attend Perpignan's Visa pour l'Image. 3 days was just the perfect amount of mingling, sharing work and yes, partying.
Back in Istanbul, just in time to enjoy the end of summer. The city seduces me and there are interesting stories around. After a trip to Hatay, on the Syrian border, I came back to Istanbul to shoot a story on the geopolitical importance of.... TV dramas in Turkey and the middle east. Great stuff that I will keep on working on for a while I hope.

I am now in Hong Kong for 3 weeks - to attend to my solo exhibition on Mongolia. Here is the link to the gallery, and below the invitation... Opening is tomorrow Tuesday 25th October 2011 at 6pm:
Picture This gallery
Suite 1308, 13th Floor
9 Queen's Road, Central
Hong Kong

If you are in the area, come and catch me!