Monday, December 5, 2011

Hectic life and publications

I was told couple of years ago that a photographer should 1/do editorial work 2/gallery work and 3/books. Not really realizing it, I followed this advice - after almost 10 years living of being almost strictly an editorial photographer, the timing was right. Now life is slightly more hectic but equally as stimulating.

The last month has been a mad scramble between 1/ preparing for a long job in Afghanistan next month 2/ preparing and editing 2 solo exhibitions that will happen here in Istanbul right after my expedition to Afghanistan and 3/ giving structure to a book that will come out next summer.  Oh, and I also been working on a completely new website over the last 6 months. I am trying to fill it with nicely captioned / key worded images. This has been difficult -  it represent a huge amount of work - I could lock myself for a year now and only do that. It's been difficult enough that I have been on a serious hunt to finding an assistant the last 2 weeks. No luck so far...

Here a couple of publications that came out this month, in December 2011.

My story on Nauru is out in the german edition of Geo. Below is the opening spread, of the Civic center. A long story in the making on the world's smallest republic, that was an exhibition in France last year - I shot the story exactly 1 year ago. This is the opening spread:

In the french edition of Geo, I have a story on Nomadic America - shot last summer as part of my book "Dans les Roues de Kerouac - Portraits d'une Amérique Nomade" Editions de la Martinière- and in anticipation of the soon to be release screen adaptation of "On the Road" by Kerouac - produced by Coppola and shot by Walter Salles. Here 2 chosen spreads from this story:

Also in Tatler, I am the featured photographer of their 10 pages gallery section. Here is one of them...

Finally, I have a spread in the current edition of Conde Nast Traveler in the US. The "Where are you" section. And don't hassle me to ask me where it is... but you can always try to bribe me.