Thursday, August 6, 2009

Away yet again

Sorry, I was away for too long - and am about to leave again.
Real quick run down:
- 1300 Km around Eastern Pamir, all the way to Shaymak, the China/Afghanistan/Tajikistan/Pakistan border - among firsts for me: saw wolves , spotted Marco Polo sheep and soaked in an outdoor bubbly hotspring, al the while checking out Afghanistan's Little Pamir.
- shooting of a documentary (video and still images) around the Roof of the World festival (took place on July 25th in Khorog), for the Aga Khan Foundation. Over 6000 people attended the festival, Mareile Paley did the promotion for it. Must have been good!
- following this, held a multimedia workshop at the University of Central Asia, here in Khorog, Tajikistan.
- just shot an image bank for Pamir Energy, the first PPP (Public-Private Partnesrhip) company in Central Asia.

And now... off tomorrow for some trekking over the 5000m Vrang Pass (the trek ends in Vrang village, in the middle of the Wakhan corridor, on the Tajik side of it). Couldn't find anything proper on the net about it and haven't met anyone here who has gone over it. We should have impressive views of Peak Karl Marx (I know... how romantic) and Peak Engel before plunging into the Wakhan.

Should take us approximately 5 days. Catch you then!

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