Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too many projects...

I know I haven't been good on the blog front... But for good reason: I was buzzing with interesting projects.

- First, I have sold few prints recently to collectors and privates and the production has kept me busy. The fact that (finally!) a fine art printer established himself here in Hong Kong, allows me to offer high end Archival Prints, museum quality, on various support right at home. The images are printed on Hahnemuhle paper. The photo rag paper (100 % cotton, using pigment ink) gives incredible deep blacks and, to my big surprise - following up on a client's request - the canvas prints (pigment ink, UV coated) look... amazing! The matte effect on canvas is far from my previous experiences on canvas which looked like cheap promotional banner. The large canvas print look like what this medium is intended to look like: a painting.

I have started 3 limited editions:
- the Bus Serie (from Dushanbe, Tajikistan), 160 cm x 23 cm, edition of 30.

- the Ice Rider (from Siberia), 120 cm x 106 cm, edition of 30.
- the Horse Eye (from Siberia), 120 cm x 106 cm, edition of 30.

This is how the 2 canvas prints look like, once hanged and stretched on wooden frames:

- Secondly, following up on more print requests, I went through most of my images to work on a presentation PDF of all my gallery "worthy" images - those images that could go up on a wall for a long time before you get bored of it, those that would look great in very large format. It was at times hard to edit but a very exciting way to look at all my images. Thinking of potential triptychs, or 2 images that would talk to each other, etc.
Titled "Edges of Asia", it's almost finished and I will be sure to put up some excerpts here.

- Thirdly, I finished, (or is it ever finished...), our Pamir movie, retracing my story to Afghanistan's high Pamir and the peculiar story of the Afghan Kyrgyz. It's 28mn and I will be putting it up on my multimedia website link soon. Down the road, we plan to send it around to mountain film festivals around the world.
Here is a screen grab of the title...

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