Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you e-mail...

An e-mail received yesterday, copied here with the permission of the author.
I do receive e-mails like this now and then, but this one especially warmed my heart because of its spontaneity. Here it is... thanks Ikumi, this gets me going!

Dear Mr Paley.

This is my first E-mail for you . Please forgive me sending  a mail suddenly .
 I'm Ikumi Morooka lived in TOKYO , JAPAN. 27 years old. I'm working as editorial designer.

When I found your site today , I  was  fascinated by your fabulous Photos. Espesially frozen Baikal lake.  the Ice Rider very beautiful nature.

Unfortunatelly I'm not good at English so It's difficult to express my feeling from your Photos.
Asia's photos may catch me or severe nature may catch my heart. I'm not sure but I love your works.

Now I live in material civillization , more and more sience thechnology are developing ,
human is losing animal intuition at the same time. Tokyo is very big city  so sometimes I think I might be crazy.

I would like to spend a simple life materially  and mentally.

These days I would like to have been thinking climbing mountain. No cell phone No internet and Nothing rely on but myself. I hope I see your works directly in my eyes.

please take care of your health. I  am looking forward to see your  new work in website .

Thank you for reading.

Respectfully yours,

IKUMI Morooka


Otherwise, I will be uploading a new story on my website within the next few days and I have news about an upcoming exhibition. More soon!