Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hunt me on Facebook, Instagram... and then some

It seems I am using Facebook more and more as my actual Blog - so you can always find latest here, if you like my Facebook page.

Also, I am joining Instagram today - not sure if it's a mistake, but it will be fun to give exposure to some images - my personal account is @paleyphoto and I am also filing @natgeo and @thephotosociety .

As for Twitter , you can find me under @paleyphoto

But I will make sure to update major things here on my blog such as, for example:
- my story on Nat Geo website (it's a 28 pages article in the February 2013 issue)
- a feature on my work on the New York Times Lens Blog (thanks James Estrin)
- and a short on the NPR

I am here, it's just that I tend to spread the love :)

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