Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Forgotten" webdocumentary trailer on Geo website

Here it is, quite timely as I am heading back up to the Afghan Pamir in about a week, for another winter expedition (this time with a film team): our 5mn trailer on the Afghan Kyrgyz is featured on Geo's website, have a look.

© Matthieu and Mareile Paley - -

Le trailer de 5mn de notre webdocumentaire est en ligne sur le site allemand de Geo, vous pouvez le voir ici. Je retourne dans le Pamir Afghan cet hiver, départ dans une petite semaine...


Maximobo said...

Do you still have the all-in-one body warming suit? Safe trip!

Matthieu Paley said...

Hey Max! yes I still have it, been repaired countless time... a friend gave me an updated version when I went to Mongolia in winter last year It's called a Spiez Suit... check it out:

the ultimate winter machine!

Anonymous said...

bon voyage grand fou! un max de tofs, un max de kiffe
des biz
le sweb
PS: j'ai vu ton bouquin à la fnac !!

MISHOX said...

Mind taking video.
Thank you for reminding me the feeling of reaching the last forbidden places on earth.
Few years ago i have been to Upper Mustang on Nepal-China border, and it was liek a traveling in a time machine.

Looking forward for more Mr Matthieu.

Regards, Michael from Czechia