Monday, January 10, 2011

Tajikistan, Passage to Pamir - article in Destinasian magazine, December 2010

Soon I will be off for 1 month in the Afghan Pamir, only eventually linked by a satellite phone. So I am trying to catch up... This is blog madness.
While we lived in Tajikistan, we also pitched Destinasian for a daring story on Tajikistan. I mean "daring", as it is a bit out of the way for the type of article they usually do (they are in the lines of Travel and Leisure, which will also feature some of my Tajikistan images this month). Destinasian usually does really beautiful layout, as they did for our Hunza story which won a price last year, see it here.

Here is the Tajikistan article, with Mareile's text...


Voila un artcile paru récemment dans Destinasian et écrit par Mareile, avec mes images, sur le Pamir, au Tajikistan!

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