Friday, June 19, 2009

Sopa Award

If that talks to you, I just won the Society of Publishers in Asia's award for "Excellence in Feature Photography". It went to a story I shot in Pakistan, Hunza ( titled "A World Away" ) in Oct. 2007, published in Destinasian in 2008.
They went quite lyrical on the comments: "Simply stunning photos, the kind that leap off the page and invite you to walk into them. Gorgeous images from a far-away land I know I'll probably never get to, but now at least can dream about."

Back to the KGB office...


Jennifer said...
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Anonymous said...

uah uah uah , shabash jenab !!!
Hassan Baig

gohar said...

hi Matthieu Palay, I have seen all pics from your wab site. those are beautifull & amazing.
Try to capture haven on earth.
Gohar Ayoub
Kabul Afghanista