Thursday, June 18, 2009

Belly full of flowers: a dead ibex in the river.

Donkey trekking will come, but for now, a cute memory: in sept. 2003, we were trying to get over an un-previously crossed pass, the Wodwashk pass in a remote valley in Pakistan, on the borders of Afghanistan and China. As the trek might bring a new way between 2 valleys, we had no option but to go with the "Nambardar", the village head - a worryingly inexperienced man when it came to mountain trekking - he would head straight into the crevasse area. As we neared the pass and it started to snow, I got terribly sick: a bad case of diahrrea.
A bit further that day we found a dead ibex in the stream I had drank off the day before. I pointed that out to the Nambardar who responded with a pitiful face "Well that can't be it: ibex only eat flowers, there is just no way to get sick from a dead Ibex!".

The view below Wodwashk pass:

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