Monday, June 1, 2009

Some links, des liens.

I make the eventual "Matthieu Paley" google search to see where I am on the web. A few things showed up over the last couple of months, voila:

- I am happy about my recent win of PDN Photo Annual 09, the Marty Forscher price for Humanitarian photography.

- Blog of New York Times magazine, a short text from James Estrin, talking about VII agency and my website.

- And there is another link about La Gacilly festival taking place in France for 3 months (June-September). I have been selected to exhibit outdoor large format images.

- I got honorable mention at the NY Photo Festival, in the Editorial Photographic Series.

- From the "Travel Photographer", a write up on my multimedia "Pakistan Love Parade".

Voila for now, off...


Anonymous said...

j'adore les bus, un classique qui le fait grave!!
des biz
le sweb

Elodie, la mini-chef said...
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Sylvain said...

Salut Matthieu,
ici un cousin plus ou moins éloigné (le fils du cousin de ton père, en réalité) qui te suis depuis un petit moment, le blog étant la touche d'interactivité qu'il manquait à ton incroyable travail.
Encore bravo. So long ...