Monday, June 1, 2009

Some links, des liens.

I make the eventual "Matthieu Paley" google search to see where I am on the web. A few things showed up over the last couple of months, voila:

- I am happy about my recent win of PDN Photo Annual 09, the Marty Forscher price for Humanitarian photography.

- Blog of New York Times magazine, a short text from James Estrin, talking about VII agency and my website.

- And there is another link about La Gacilly festival taking place in France for 3 months (June-September). I have been selected to exhibit outdoor large format images.

- I got honorable mention at the NY Photo Festival, in the Editorial Photographic Series.

- From the "Travel Photographer", a write up on my multimedia "Pakistan Love Parade".

Voila for now, off...

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