Monday, June 1, 2009

Tasteless crops.

Please try and enjoy the few tasteless background images on my current homepage.

This one is from Tajikistan, Dushanbe - they were shooting a music video and the model took off her shoe to get her feet in the nearby lake.

This is a funny one: a russian fisherman fishing in a hole on frozen Baikal. It's winter, and in Siberia it means it's probably -20C. I was nicely zipped in my dawn jacket and these guys were heated from inside, bare chested on the vodka: bare chested! This is a couple of other one from that lot.

Tajik fashion - always interesting to see what defines beauty in other faraway lands. Real Tajik beauty must sport unified eyebrows and golden teeth. I guess it's an acquired taste.

In China, trying on the hippopotamus at "Windows of the world" attraction park in Shenzhen.

Last one is a detail from a Mongolian wrestler getting ready to enter the ring.

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