Monday, April 18, 2011

Three cups of Deceit - goes live with a story from Jon Krakauer

I was lucky enough to exchange e-mails with writer Jon Krakauer yesterday.
Then today his story (an ebook to be exact) we were discussing went live on Byliner website: "Three cups of deceit - How humanitarian Greg Mortenson lost his way". My image of a Central Asia Institute (Greg's foundation) school in Afghanistan is on the cover. You can download it for free for the next 3 days on the Byliner website - so read it if you get a chance and make up your own opinion.


Duke's Dad said...

Krakauer exposes Mortenson as an incredible fraud. A great read.

Bobby Kennedy

Kanani said...

I just read all 79 pages of Krakauer's report. Wow. I've responded on my own blog. This comes on the heels after finding out that The Wounded Warrior Project only gives 66% of fundraising to the injured soldier.

Matthieu Paley said...

I have just read Krakauer's report. Gets me really wound up. I know Ted Callahan for a while, he is a typical truth seeking character. For Ted's part, it is all true - and Greg should write Hollywood movies script, not books. The excerpts I read from Stones into schools are just plain BS. And I have been to the Pamir many times since Sept 2000, I think I know the Kyrgyz community well. Why lying when the plain truth is sufficient enough?? Agh, this is so typical...

Kanani said...

Well, I think it is important that we not lose sight of the mission of literacy and healthcare and opportunity for the children. It's bigger than any one person, and I am happy to help the small organizations that have good accountability, spend a lot of time there, and deserve support. I hope CAI regroups and gets it together, but without Greg. Ah well.
Thank you for this wonderful blog. You bring the world to me, and I am so grateful. I love the photographs!

Marianne said...

Why did Krakauer wait so long when he knew there were issues 7 years ago?
The CAI had high profile directors that left and Greg did nothing proactive to counter their concerns.
He was too full of himself to get the right people and he had all of the resources and finances to do so.
The CAI website even is bad.
I did not find Greg to be a real climber and never bought into his story. When was the last time he ever climbed?
I think we should send Krakauer on a climb with a handful
Of mixed real climbers and the customer climbers where they have to hike in for a week or two with no help or sat phone with Mr. Everest as team leader.