Saturday, October 23, 2010

France Info - I am on French radio today - and also about turning my house upside down

Et voila, you can hear Regis Picard, Chief editor of France Info, talking about my recent book, "Mongolie, La route de l'horizon", followed by an interview of yours truly. Just click here...
It is part of a weekly broadcast called "Les Aventuriers".


Regis Picard, rédacteur en Chef à France Info, parle de mon récent livre "Mongolie, La Route de l'Horizon", parut aux éditions de la Martinière, suivit d'un interview. Cliquer ici pour lire et entendre...
Cela rentre dans le cardre d'une émission hebdomadaire intitulée "Les Aventuriers".

Here below, the easiest way to really clean your house is to turn it upside down - le meilleur moyen de vraiment nettoyer sa maison, c'est de la tournée à l'envers!... C'est pas un proverbe Mongol mais ca devrait l'être. Me voila in Bayaan Olgii, Western Mongolia, 1998


Maximobo said...

Nice piece on the radio! I'll be in France in December and so will definitely pick up a copy of the book.
By the way, I was in the Pakistani Ministry of Environment last month, and on the 2nd floor they have your photos throughout (but attributed as Matthew Paley). I wanted to take a photo for an example but don't have a camera phone, sorry.


Paley Family said...

Is that you Max? from Tajikistan? How are you mate? what have you been up to? Do drop me an e-mail when you come through Paris... cheers, matthieu
PS: I wrote to a guy I know at the Pak ministry, let's see... :)

Anonymous said...

tu balances du lourd en fin d'interview le mat!!!
le sweb

Maximobo said...

Oui, its Max from Tajikistan! I'm still in Bangladesh, was in Pakistan with the flood response and will be back out there in January. And then Burma. Otherwise, same as usual: working with children. Good luck with getting some info from the Ministry. At least they could spell your name correctly?



Paley Family said...

Hey Max - they got back to me (the guy who put these pix up, Faiz Ali), saying you should get english lesson, that the name is spelt correctly... but I tend to trust you, I heard you, you speak some eloquent queen's england britsish! :) all best to you , keep in touch,