Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kyrgystan, an adventure in video

Here it is, © Gilemon Villemin (with his and some of my footages), a man of mystery, who joined me on my second trip to Kyrgystan, in June 2008. I went to Kyrgystan, invited to the wedding of an American friend, met in Mongolia, who was marrying a... Kyrgyz beauty. Yes, we live in a little village.

We hitched ride with these 2 after trekking near Lake Song Kol, starting on Kumis (fermented Mare's milk) early morning. Obviously, I wasn't on assignment.

Gilemon called it a video polygraph. Like a lie detector, you might in fact feel the blood pressure, pulse, respiration, breathing rhythms and skin conductivity of the video. Good luck with that...

Kirghiz Polygraph from gilemon villemin on Vimeo.

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